2003-2016 rework:NANOPROJECT 奈米計畫重製


Nanoproject: The Origin of the Project in 2003


奈米計畫是2003年由劉寅生所主持的計畫,在當時的起源裡寫著:〝奈米〞,是對物質尺度的描述,單位計量上:1奈米(nm)長度為9-10米。在奈米尺度下,一般指介於1nm至100‭ ‬nm間,物質的特性,不歸屬於經典物理的巨觀‭(‬macroscopic‭)‬視界,也不屬於量子物理下的微觀‭(‬microscopic‭)‬行為,而是呈現所謂的介觀現象‭(‬Mesoscopic phenomena‭)‬。


The “Nanoproject” was a project hosted by Craphone Liu in 2003. The origin at that time stated: “Nano”, which is a description of the scale of matter. In terms of unit measurement: 1 nanometer (nm) has a length of 9- 10 m. In the nanoscale, it generally refers to the characteristics of matter between 1nm and 100nm. It does not belong to the macroscopic horizon of classical physics, nor does it belong to the microscopic view of quantum physics. microscopic behavior, but presents so-called mesoscopic phenomena.




At the mesoscopic scale, due to the interaction of electrons, photons, and phonons with each other, materials, components, and systems will exhibit significantly improved or completely different physical, chemical, and biological properties and phenomena. The main goal of nanotechnology is to explore these characteristics by controlling structures or devices on the scale of atoms, molecules, or macromolecules, and to efficiently manufacture or use these devices.



Nano is a new direction in the application of science and technology, creating more novel technologies that are beneficial to human life. As a result, “Nanoproject” is to use the principle characteristics and emerging applications of nanometers to bring into play individual creative elements, integrate and extend the development of a more vital spirit of works.



Under the environment in 2003, he proposed his concept of “interdisciplinary” works. He believed that the meaning of interdisciplinary should be the integration of various forms of art field, for example: installation, performance, action art and music composition. The basic elements can be combined with each other to produce a new language. It is also because of the diversity of interdisciplinary creation, how to master and apply the characteristics of each element is an indispensable ability for creators, so that “interdisciplinary” works



“Nanoproject” is using nanotechnology concept to create the basic theories of new structures. Under the concept it is an attempt to integrate the creative elements of installation, performance, action art and music creation to construct a brand-new art type and language. It is hoped that through the integration and extension of the creative concept and element of the nano project, it has injected a new thinking and new direction of Taiwan, so that all those who love art can also experience the new energy of artistic creation.



A creation that spans performing and action art, every element of installation, music, performance, and clothing is aligned with each other. In “Nanoproject”, the unification of style is the most important thing. The installation is no longer just an installation, and the music is not simply a collage of fragments. Performance has developed a new language as a result.





In 2016, 13 years later,Craphone Liu discovered that the things discussed in “Nanoproject2003” might be suitable for making, mixing, or mutating again. Looking back at the 2003 Nano Project, have we seen many new varieties of artistic hybrids in the current environment? Or become more conservative and uncreative?



Based on “visual art” (installation, video and performance art), Craphone Liu tried to construct performance works from the context of visual art. He also tried to find a difference between “performing art” and “performance art”. Blurred boundaries.



Nanoproject: 2016 rework will be a re-thinking of the existing elements of “Nanoproject” without pre-determining the language of the work. Try to continue this kind of experimentation and exploration of artistic language after 13 years. And the trajectory of the expansion plan.