Aiwei Group 愛為派 2022

AWARENESS-S.A. performance art Q.M


2021 Spring 春季號
2022 Spring 春季號
2022 Winter 冬季號
2023 Spring 春季號
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“Ai”~love, “Wei”~ action. The most difficult part of performance artists is the opportunity to introduce their works to the public . In 2020, senior artist Craphone Liu initiated this gathering with performance artists Chen I Ju and Hsu Min Szu to implement this performance gathering.

Due to the global plague in 2020, the exchange of performance art has become expressed in the form of online real-time or video. “Ai Wei” group will also aim at this~Shooting performance videos and using online publication as a way.

2022 Spring edition 春季號

時間:2022年 3月17日


Date: 17th Mrach, 2022

Venue: Taixi Township, Yunlin

「愛為派~拜訪藝術家」 no.1

丁麗萍是一個 資深又多面向的藝術家。以聲音實驗劇場行為的混血, 每次看她的作品呈現出的 哲思混沌詩意到人道的關懷是非常有趣, 當今行為藝術實在不好談, 因為在行為藝術裡容它性很高。 

“Aiwei Group~Visiting Artist” no.1

Liping, Ting is a senior and multifaceted artist. It is very interesting to see her work, which is a hybrid of experimental theater performance with sound, from philosophical chaotic poetry to humane care. Today’s performance art is really hard to talk about, because performance art is very tolerant.

那一天,一早,敏思 Min-Szu Hsu先到台南火車站,再搭著我的車沿著海線開往台西,我們都是第一次到台西呢。







That day, early in the morning, Min-Szu Hsu went to Tainan Railway Station first, and then we drove to Taixi township. It was our first time to Taixi.Along the way, I have been looking for those “net celebrity” landmarks, high heels and churches, from Tainan ~ Chiayi ~ all the way to Taixi.


It turned out that we are so unfamiliar with Taiwan! !


At noon, we ate the home-cooked food of Liping’s mother, and we tasted the wonderful taste of the country side. Chatted for a while, and also made a short talk with performance art. After watching the tide table in the afternoon, we arrived at Taixi Dream Beach at low tide. Next to this place is the Formosa Plastics Sixth Naphtha Cracker Project. The scenery has a surreal feel.

2022 Autumn edition 秋季號



Date: 27th October, 2022

Venue:Tainan Park


This was a sudden action. Min-Szu wanted to do something, and I thought of Tainan Park. In fact, Tainan Park has a long history. There are many precious old trees in it, all of which are nearly a hundred years old. Seeing these old trees in the city is really shocking, and I am quite surprised that these old trees can survive the urbanization of the city. It may also be because of the belief of the “the worship of Tree Deity“, that people living in this land have awe of these surviving big trees.

2022 winter edition 冬季號

時間:2022年 11月18日


Date: 18th November, 2022

Venue:Neipu, Pingtung

「愛為派~拜訪藝術家」 no.3


“Aiwei Group~Visiting Artist” no.2

That day, after picking up Min-Szu in my car, I drove to Neipu, Pingtung, to Junjun’s house. “Visiting artist” always started with a meal, we had a very delicious vegetable pasta that day and drank nutritious chicken soup. We chatted very happily at the dinner table, because Junjun is an artist based on dance, but she has also been exposed to many fields of art like performance art. In addition to this topic, we also talked about the topic of real presence. Presence is also a very fascinating “state” in various performances. It is also related to the “realness” of the performance, or whether it “touches” the connection between the audience and even the performers. Because we chatted very happily that day, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon when we started shooting the work. We chose the garden outside the house and made several interesting corners.